Lisa Duffee in Modern Luxury "Dynamic Women" 2023

7 SepLisa Duffee in Modern Luxury "Dynamic Women" 2023

From Modern Luxury Dynamic Women's Section 2023:

For attorney Lisa Greenwood Duffee, it’s all about thinking outside the box– in life and law. A managing partner at Dallas-based firm Duffee + Eitzen, this Dynamic Woman has made a name for herself as one of the Lone Star State’s top family law attorneys. With over three decades of litigation experience, Duffee’s unique approach keeps clients coming back. Known for her empathetic demeanor, Duffee uses alternative dispute resolution forms, such as meditation and collaborative law, to achieve idyllic outcomes for her clients. In a time of great emotional and financial stress, Duffee breaks through the chaos often seen in family law cases to resolve complex property issues seamlessly.

She focuses on resolution through negotiation and communication, ensuring her clients receive the best possible settlement terms. “I like to think of our firm as a legal oasis,” explains Duffee. “We work with clients individually to design a custom path forward through the legal process.”

Duffee and her partner, Melinda Eitzen, co-founded their female-run firm over 20 years ago. The two recognized a need for family law attorneys that prioritize clients’ emotional well-being just as much as their finances. “We provide top-notch service for our clients,” says the attorney. “That includes not only providing them with the best representation but also being responsive and available during a challenging time to protect what matters most.” Duffee’s creative problem-solving skills and diverse experience in real estate and business law make this Dynamic Woman a force to be reckoned with in any Dallas County courtroom.


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